Our Swabian restaurant "welcomes you in the heart of Stuttgart-East.

We offer regional and seasonal homemade, primarily Swabian cuisine. It is typical for the Swabian to sip his quarter (in a glass with a handle) and that at a regular table - that connects. And so that everyone can sit together again at the regulars table, we offer our Swabian cuisine traditionally (with meat from the region) and vegan.

Good to know

Our Spätzle, our potato salad and our roast beef have been made according to family tradition since 1915. We try to buy ours regionally, we have been sourcing our eggs from the Geflügelhof Walker in Aldingen. We get our fruit and vegetables from Bauerle vom Schmidener Feld. Our meat is StaufenFleisch ©, our meatballs are made from biohack. Of course, our wine and beer selection also come from the region. And because sustainability is really important to us, we of course use green electricity.

We would be happy if we could welcome you and win your culinary heart for our Swabian cuisine.

In 2020, our Köhlerstüble was hit hard twice due to the lockdown due to the pandemic. That’s why we’re trying to be patient before we reopen our Köhlerstüble this time.

We are here for you


Monday- Friday from 5.30 pm - 9.00 pm warm kitchen.

(not on holidays)